Friday, September 19, 2008


This few days i keep thinking of some questions... Something bothering my minds... I hav to make a decision that is gud for everyone...

I discussed v my sis... actually i wanna chat v my mum oso... but i duno where n hw to start from... i hav many question marks in my brain... too many aspects to think from...

i'm a too rational person sometimes... make me so hard to make an appropriate decision... i cant act like others ppl... some of them can make their decision easily o blindly without think deeply... maybe that is good oso... not so fussing... =) maybe dats y i hate to do decision...

someone told me before, it is quite impossible to use rational mind together v ur own feelings when making decision... is that really impossible? y i can still be so rational now? maybe i'm a weird person =.=

i cant understand wad others think and feel... i am quite sensitive towards wad others had said... sometimes those words were not addressed to me, but i vil think wad if dat happened to me one day... what vil i feel?

i dun like those who jz like to complain instead of making something to the problem... to make it a better condition o wateva... complaning wunt bring any changes if u jz sit there and wait... dun blame others before u think from their points of view... dun play fool on others if u dun like others to do the same on u... =)

Cheers everyone!


  1. Swt,say jor so long oso din tell wad's ur problem ... Share wit all la,so we can CONCERN lols !!!

  2. blek =P dunwan tell u F3 i hav to think n solve myself de...



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