Monday, September 1, 2008


Yesterday is our 51st National Day... Merdeka merdeka merdeka~

My hope towards our country are:

-equivalent chances are given to all students in education n scholarships
-more stable politics
-revolution takes place and benefits every races

Yesterday went newly opened Tesco Setia Alam... No parking n the weather so hot >< parked so far then walked inside... Actually ntg differences with all others Tesco lur... Just newer n nicer oni XD

den whole day cant on9 >< streamyx so cha de =.= coz the technician told my mum... our area de line not gud n sumore dat company wan make more profits... keep approves all new customers' registrations... =.= so when more n more ppl use, the line become more n more cha =.=

I will go bac inti 2mr morning =) all intians, see u there!

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