Sunday, August 31, 2008

5S1' 07 Gathering

Date: 30 aug 2008

Time: 7pm

Venue: Berkeley Corner

hehez~ since so long din meet up all of them oredi... so i looking forward towards dis gathering =)

i'm the 4th person reach there XD n the laz 4th person goin bac =D

Bout half the class- 20 plus ppl attended =)

V chat lotsa things n exchange our experiences either in form 6, colleges, matriculation college....

Actually no big differences n changes to most of them lur... Sheih nee did hair rebonding ^^

I wanna take photo together v them de =.= but most of them went bac home so early... so no pics taken =.=

End up left 4 of us (ker wei, kai jun, junn terng n me) keng gai ourselves there... I went bac home at bout 11pm plus...

Hope more n more class gatherings in the future =) 5S1 rox!

*to: tortoise family member
where will be our next destination after genting during dis coming hari raya holiday leh? think think think =)

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