Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summary for SEM 1 CFES

yay~ finals finally over!

v vil b having our sem break for 2 weeks n i vil bac to inti at 1st or 2nd sept...

15 weeks past so fast... v seems like staying in inti for so long oredi... v spent lotsa times together from morning to night almost everyday... v go to class together, av our lunch n dinner together, study for exam together, do our homework together, gossip together, play together... so many "together" everyday~

althought oni 15 weeks... but v feel like knowing each other for a very long time oredi... =) i lurve CFES!

SEM 1 CFES subjects:
- General Physics 1 *mr loh*
- Chemistry 1 *ms abhi*
- English Language 1 *mr yeap- mr pal- ms malini*
- Mathematics 1 *mr aung*
- MPW (Malaysian Studies) *mr raymond*

SEM 2 CFES subjects:
- English Language 2
- Mathematics 2
- Biology 1
- Basic Computing
- MPW (Moral Studies)

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