Tuesday, August 19, 2008


basically, this is how i spend my sem break...

wake up late in the morning coz everyday i oso sleep very late =p

den, hav my brunch (breakfast+lunch)... 2 in 1 hahaz dis is wad i normally do in holidays =)

read newspaper... i dun hav the chance to read paper when i stay in hostel... made me a bit outdated v wad happenings in surrounding... so mux update a bit ^^

chit chat v mama aka kacau-ing her doin house chores =p

help mama doin some simple house chores =D i'm guai daughter XD

on9 ^^ checking mails, update my blog, chatting v frens, download songs....

watch drama 命中注定我爱你... not bad =D

sumtimes, follow mama go out lur... some places in klang become not so familiar for me le =.=

n of coz eat, drink, play n sleep lor~

oh ya... 1 task for me to accomplish during this sem break--- driving =p coz i really too long din touch car ler... next time can help mama fetch my sis n bro when she is busy =)

~HappY HoLiday~ ^^

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