Sunday, August 3, 2008


today i woke up quite early coz i wanna accompany mama to pasar pagi =) it has been quite long i din go there... v bought breakfast at the same time...

today my bro's friends came to our hse... 6 friends if not mistaken... having fun v ps2 n making lotsa noise =.=

den in de afternoon, i planned to study for my mpw... haiz... whenever i start study, it made me sleepy =.= so end up i oni able to study a bit oni... really a bit =.=

n one very important thing is " I HATE chained email or sms"! jz now my sis received 2 sms from her friends n the contents are really sickening >< actually everytime i received those sms or email, i wunt bother it n jz DELETE it... but i jz wonder y everyone so childish n keep sending dis kinda things to ur friends... sumtimes, there even stated "I hav no choice coz i being forced to do so..." =.= swt no one can force u to send if u dunwan...

so, someone taught me smtg... if u received these kinda sms o email... change the amount of ppl u needa send to to smtg bigger... like 7, u change it to 70 or even 700... den resend it to the person who sent it to u... if they wan to obey, den let them find 70 or 700 victims... XD

* tonite got stars... and of coz e xin is there * =)

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