Saturday, August 9, 2008


ntg special happened dis few days coz i oni concentrate on STUDY STUDY N STUDY =.= after dinner, i vil go bac my room n continue study... life is so boring when exam is approaching... haiz

v hav our mpw finals jz now... i sleep at 1am+ dis morning n woke up at 6.45am... dis made me feel like so sleepy during the exam =.= n yet the hall so cold... ytd nite so pity cant watch olympic opening ceremony... But, luckily four of us got watched a bit when finish makan at the thai restaurant... got big screen showing there... =) if no exam today, i sure watch whole nite XD

dis week i din go bac home... 1st time spend my weekends in hostel... but nvm, after finals there vil b our sem break XD

7-8-2008 七夕节
no stars at all... 没有牛郎,没有织女,也没他们的婚礼...因为下雨了~

Beijing Olympics ROX~

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