Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Closing Ceremony


After 16 days of olympic sport events....

Here comes the grand Olympic Closing Ceremony that really made the whole world proud of =) esp chinese althought v are malaysians... hahaz

China really did a great job in organizing the 29th Olympic game successfully... Thru dis event, everyone in dis world hav a totally new perspective towards China... Well Done!

Hmm... during Beijing Olympic... my dad n even my whole family really addicted... Read "sports" in newspaper to catch up every single olympic news althought normally v don't take note on sports at all... XD den watch badminton match n sacrifice shopping time v used to hav on weekends... today my dad even bought "Olympic Opening Ceremony DVDs" in popular bookstore coz laz time RTM1 din showed the whole event properly... =)

Our country managed to get one silver medal in dis year olympic n get 71st place in the total ranking... if not mistaken there are 204 countries taking part in Beijing 2008... =)

1 comment:

  1. Beijing-Olympic really relly ROX~~~

    i love you~ beijing!!!



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