Sunday, August 24, 2008

summary =)

1. AUCH! 2 days ago i ter-bite my tongue when i was chewing smtg... it is terribly pain n it swollen le... n today i hav stomachache... it made me lie on bed whole afternoon... i hate stomachache!

2. today after dinner v straight away went home coz v wanna watch 8tv summer hot concert! it was held in melacca MITC dis year... =)

3. thx andrew! for avril lavigne's concert tickets =) n i guessed 1st time posting something experience not dat bad oh XD xiexie again =D

4. sorrie for unable to join u all for dat genting trip... i promise i vil join next time if got chance =) guyz n gals hav fun ^^ really sorrie...

5. our sem break oredi past 1 week... n i seems like doin ntg =.= wasted lotsa time oni ><

6. 命中注定我爱你 very nice~ waiting for episode 24... final episode =p

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