Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

today morning i hav to attend a scholarship presentation ceremony... it was a normal one and normally it held during mooncake festival de... but dis year becoz of some reasons, they bring it earlier =)

actually ntg special happened... BUT something funny happened XD

the MC announced: "我们今天要颁发1907年度的会员子女奖励金。" (today we'r goin to present scholarship for year 1907.)

SWT =.= supposed is year 2007 lar... ><

i duno wad to react after heard dat MC told lidat... den i turn to my dad n keep laughing =.=

afterdat my dad told me... v shud be grateful coz all of us are at least 100 years old =.= coz they are presenting scholarship for 100 years ago =.= speechless...

i duno whether no one realised dat mistake or all of them are not listening properly XD

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