Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Life is about decision...

Althought i really hate to make decision but sometimes i hav to force myself to do it...

Now i have to choose whether to join my friends for the Genting trip fall on next tuesday (aug 26) or stay for my dad's birthday celebration... I suddenly forget bout dat special date when i promised my friends to join them... I shouldn't forget dat =.= I feel so sorry for dat... Luckily my sis reminded me this morning when i mention bout dat trip v her...

Althought v oni go out for a dinner and buy a birthday cake for the celebration... It looks quite simple but it meant a lot to a parent... I think so... =X As a daughter i shouldn't absent dat day... n my sis suggested that v goin to celebrate at greenbox dis year =)

I duno how i goin to make decision this time... hmm... i think i vil discuss v my parents later =)

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