Sunday, August 17, 2008

Reunion Outing

Date: 16 august 2008 (saturday)

Time: 10am-5.30pm

Venue: Mid Valley

Participants: me, jie hong, ker wei, junn terng, fui wern, marcus, boon kuan, aler, ying hui


-shopping around the mall
-find place to eat (took us a very long time coz every restaurant there are full...) finally v chose burger king coz less ppl there...
-no movie (coz all tickets all sold n fully booked)
-sit inside mph bookstore (everyone take a book n pretend like reading =.= actually v keep on chit chatting there XD)

Jie Hong: he nowadays very pro in japanese language ler... =) next time v go japan find u n u mux bring us around oh ^^

Ker Wei: hmm... not much changes but her hair grow very slow leh... y keep on about the same length one? XD keep on "walao-eh" hahaz

Junn Terng: he seems like grow taller again... but it is a good thing lar~ =D

Fui Wern: hmm... long time din meet her oredi... but still very quiet compared to others... =)

Marcus: so syok la u all got 3 months holiday =p dun forget ur promise oh XD

Boon Kuan: not much changes... same inti but different campus =)

Aler n Ying Hui: stay happy alwiz n take care...

Yen loo, kok thai n kaihan unable to join us today but i'm sure there are still lotsa chances for us to meet up =) stay in touch ^^

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