Thursday, August 28, 2008

Schedule FULL

at last, today i felt less bored coz my schedule today is FULL~

hmm... today i successful in woke up earlier... hahaha XD

after hav my breakfast den i read newspaper... yeah, i'm updated! =)

den i go on9 for a while... check my mails, visit other's blogs...

n suddenly i rmb dat i shud accomplish a task given by my mum n sis >< that is choose wateva pics i wan so that they can print it out at the photo shop... i start browsing all the cds n finally chose some =)

hahaha~ den i take the initiative to help my mum to sweep floor XD i'm guai daughter LOL (to terng: dis is the secret i meant just now XD)

afterdat, i help my mum in tidying up bedroom ( me n my sis one)... she helped us vacumn the whole room... den i wipe all the tabletops n etc coz there are dusts =.= *achoo* hehez it is very tidy n clean now ^^

den hor... i went out v mama to klang parade to buy something... den v passed by Body Gloves shop =) hahaz got discount =p so i hav my new t-shirt... *happy*

den v went pasar malam coz it is very near v klang parade n i hav been very long nv go there... hahaz n at the same time v r waiting for 5.30pm to come coz my mum needa fetch my sis bac from tuition centre =)

after i went home, i str8 away ter-slept... hahaz

dats how i spent my day today =) at least i'm busy n not bored ^^

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