Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunway Pyramid

ytd after dinner, 5 of us (me, kent, louis, kah yuong n victor) went sunway pyramid to celebrate our merdeka~ =)

kent drove us there althought he duno de way... hahaz but v reach there successfully LOL so 3 of us purposely left victor n kah yuong alone n let them walk together XD

first, v went to cinema n bought 5 tickets for The Mummy... showtime: 10.30pm =D afterdat, v went redbox to check the price n timeslot available... so v finally decided to watch movie first den redbox for whole night =)

while waiting for 10.30pm to arrive, v walked around n went mc donald for ice cream ^^

The Mummy still ok lur... a bit swt =.= u vil know why after u watched dat... take note when they fight... XD n TGV seats are not comfortable at all... made all of us suffer for neck n pigu pain after 2 hours =.=

den v went redbox... from 12.30am to 3am~ dis is the first time i go out v frens until midnight =) v sing lotsa songs during dat 2.5 hours... all those unnecessary advertisements between 2 songs are disturbing =.= waste our time oni... anyway v hav our fun time there althought gorgor kept saying y v not high enuf LOL

v reached hostel at 4am plus~ i slept at 4.30am n woke up at 7.30am coz mama morning call me... she told me they are coming to fetch me home n wan me to b prepared~ i straight away wake up coz all my belongings are not packed yet... it took me 1 hr in total to pack everything up =) den papa n mama reached inti at 8.30am~ i reached home at 10am sharp =D

To: all inti frens
Happy Holidays! ^^

To: papa n mama
thx for being my parents~ muackss

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