Monday, August 25, 2008


Just now i read some of my friends' blog... They poured their feelings towards life into their lilz bloggie... Happy one, sad one, something touched or even their anger... They got their very own views towards wad they felt...

Den this made me start thinking about mine... Am I experienced those feelings before? maybe becoz i'm a happy-go-lucky person so i seldom think too much bout wad i really feel... But dis doesn't mean dat i'm not a sensitive person... i sensitive towards everyone's words, their gestures n even their face expressions... I can easily feel wad other's thinks... Maybe it is not 100% true coz it is just wad i feel... I tried my best to make myself a friendly n easy-going friends =)

Someone told me, he is a good listener rather than a good speaker... he listens more than he talks... so he able to realise more about wad his friends felt... I wish i'm a good listener oso =) Many friends told me their problems and even "secrets"... Actually i feel really proud coz this is a sign dat they believe me ^^ thanks...

p/s: Friends are just like TREE =D
T : T r u s t ( 信 任 )
R : R e s p e c t ( 尊 重 )
E : E x c h a n g e ( 交 流 )
E : E m o t i o n a l S u p p o r t ( 精 神 支 持 )

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