Wednesday, August 27, 2008


holiday sometimes too boring for me. so i needa find something for me to spend my days. =)

today, i chose to tidy up my stuffs...

my mum kept nagging coz dat day i brought lotsa things back from my hostel like books, notes, n some other thingy N i left them in my room unattended XD sorrie hehe...

since those notes n textbooks will not be use in next sem anymore... so their new home vil be my house's cupboard =D i reorganize them according to respective subjects n filed them =) in case next time need some references, easier for me to find them ^^ it takes me quite a long time to do dat =3=

afterdat, i tidy up my clothes closet >< coz i brought all my clothes in hostel back home n dis made my closet quite packed n messy =X haha so now it is tidy!

Lastly, i think i vil be back to inti at sept 1 or 2 =)

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