Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Fun ^^

it has been few days i din update my blog~ psps...

here are da summary on dis few days happenings =)

Tuesday 29 July

8-10am physics class
10-12pm math extra class
12-2pm mpw
3-5pm scholarship presentation ceremony

during physics class, v got our presentation... dis time i same group v wee khang n raymond... mr loh expected sumting best from us n win loon's group coz v are the last 2 groups doin our presentation... =) raymond did a great job while presenting by showing us interesting movie clips... hehez mr loh told us v are the best group in presentation for phy 1261... quite happy to heard dat but actually i got sum comments from him oso... bout the monkey snapping photos =.=

so afterdat v wore our formal clothes for the whole day... after math extra class n mpw class, sum of us hav to attend scholarship presentation ceremony... in mpw class v hav short briefing on wad to study for our final exam... den marks released for our coursework... i get 65.5 out of 100... dat means i hav to get 28 marks on my final in order to pass in my mpw... mpw is not counted in our cgpa... a pass is enuf for me XD

den for the scholarship presentation ceremony, v went there at 1pm sumting... den waited for hours until it start at 3pm sumting =.= sien dou... v went up the stage n get a scroll... afterdat photography session... actually doesnt feel anyting like happy o wateva coz so many ppl are getting the scholarships...

after makan, v all felt so bored coz the next day is a holiday... kah yuong oredi went bac home coz his parents wanna investigate wad happened to her legs... den 3 of us, i mean me, kent n louis drive out makan angin XD so v restricted kent in his speed... end up he drove 20km/h on de road XD his BEM 98 sure become very famous in nilai le... den after a while, he stopped by aside n wan me to drive =.= omg i oredi so long din drive le... nervous sei me... so no choice lo... i drive near nilai college there coz there hav few cars compared to other place... one funny thing is kent can felt the "speed" althought i oni drive for bout 60km/h... XD hehez...

afterdat kent become the driver bac n v turn around in nilai... i oni realised nilai really hav no fun places to go... no wonder parents like to send their children here to study according to those inti UC's n nilai college's ppl... v even stopped by to watch stars =D

den afterdat v went bac to our campus... hav fun playing with the bonggol XD quite childish n funny... hahaz n disturbing those couples paktoring XD v hav fun time n playing fools around...

when supper time v others, they suddenly said wan go klang... den i oso agreed lo... but i'm sure mama tentu terkejut see i bring 3 guys go bac home =.= coz kah yuong unable to join us... n others got smtg to do oso... =)

Wednesday 30 July

as wad v planned... 9am v meet n go bac klang together... 4 of us goin together: me, kent, louis n vic...

so many funny things happened =.= 1st i kept on pointing the wrong way... swt =.= coz i normally jz din notice which way my cousin took when goin bac home... coz i'm not the one driving oso... so made kent keep on U-turn... so psps... n made me so gan jiong oso... n i realised i'm buta jalan =.= even when reach klang, becoz of kept talking v missed the toll v supposed to exit n dis made us come out from another toll... as i told earlier... i'm buta jalan =.= so even in klang oredi.... i oso duno exactly n 100% sure which way i suppose to point to kent... haiz...

FINALLY, v reached my hse =D i showed them my childhood's pics as they wan to hav a look on it... =.='' den they hav a look on my hse n room... luckily my room not too messy XD

den i successful in bringing them to eat bah kut teh... first time i go eat bah kut teh v frens... vic keep complaining bout it... he said it is not as delicious as wad he expected... lolz... he expected sumting too perfect oredi... =)

Den v went aeon bukit tinggi... v watched The Dark Knight... not bad but it was freezing inside the cinema =.= dat means i needa suffer inside for 2.5hours... T-T after the movie, v merayau-rayau there... go bac at 4pm sumting... =)

the journey bac to nilai run on smoothly... wahahaha coz i din point any route to take... =.= malu-nya... v reached inti at bout 5.15pm...

p/s: kent become so guai jor... coz he followed the speed limit throughout the journey... 110km/h n 90km/h =)

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