Saturday, September 13, 2008

☆ i'm lucky! ☆

i'm lucky coz i hav a lovely family~ i love my parents n my siblings... =) v all are jz like close friends n share everything... now i stay in hostel n the time i spend in hse is much more lesser compared to last time... so whenever i go bac home, i vil spend lotsa times chit chat v them... everything happened in the whole week in inti, hw i spend my days there, funny ones n etc... i chat the most v my mum n sis =D me n my sis vil spend whole night lying on bed chit chatting n sharing secrets XD end up sleep very very late =x

i'm lucky coz i hav a bunch of friends~ in secondary schools or college... =) i hav tortoise family in secondary school... 6 of us (me, ker wei, kaihan, jie hong, junn terng n kok thai) are really close friends n u all made my form 4 n 5 life lively n interesting ^^ hope can hang out more often althought all seems like quite busy nowadays =D who is our dailou nw ah? jh o ikan bakar? =X in college, v hav dinner n supper gang XD v spend most of the time together... from morning till nite... althought nw oni 2nd sem, but i feel like v hav know each other for very long time ad XD few of u very popular in my hse lols XD

i'm lucky if compared to many other ppl~ i'm nt isolated by frens, i can get along well v others, i'm surrounded by loves fr family, fr frens...


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