Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It has been some time since I last blog.

Not busy of course since now I'm on holiday, I just have nothing to blog about.

I have nothing much to do in this holiday.

Everyday is so free for me.

I always want to find something to do as suggested by many people, but I just couldn't figure out what can I do.

People are so funny.

We craving for holiday badly during academic weeks, but we shout: "I am so bored" during holiday :(

Looking forward for tomorrow outing :)

Twilight Saga: New Moon awaiting me :)


  1. where are u going o?going to watch new moon?

  2. uen6ueak: yalo watched today liao. din go anywhere special, just went Klang Aeon :D kent said very very not nice hahaha. like harry potter..



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