Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[Review] Twilight and Knowing

Twilight is nice!

Knowing that Twilight has its massive bunch of fans long time ago,

but yesterday was the first time I watch Twilight movie :)

Once upon a time, a friend told me,

"Do you like Titanic movie? If yes, Twilight will be the one for you."

My answer was YES!

Indeed, this movie was awesome :)

Twilight New Moon will on screen VERY SOON!

Then yesterday night, I continued with Knowing :)

The movie was about a girl, Lucinda can hears some kinda voices telling her a whole bunch of numbers.

These numbers were revealed that it brings some hints to major disasters happened on our Earth in 50 years time.

Those random digits consists of date and numbers of people killed in that particular disaster. Later on, they realised that some unknown digits left were actually the GPS location!

John trying to stop and prevent 3 disasters to happen, but in the end, disasters still happened as the list written by Lucinda. The greatest and last disaster was the end of the world, which kills Everyone Else (EE).

Great movie and worth to watch! :)

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