Friday, November 6, 2009

[Review] Speed 2& Hannah Montana


I admitted that I'm kind of movie freak recently.

I watched Speed 2: Cruise Control yesterday night :)

This movie was nice too. If compared to Speed 1, I think Speed 1 nicer. But both are worth to watch also. Trust me :)

The main actress is still the same. This movie mainly the same with Speed 1 but the scene changed to Cruise.

I saw the shadows of Titanic movie when the cruise was destroyed by terrorist =x

Highly recommended :)

Next, I watched Hannah Montana The Movie just now!

Actually I wanted to watch this movie when it was still on theatre. But I forget why I missed it last time. LOL

I always in love with Walt Disney movies :)

and this is a production from Walt Disney too :)

Yay! Very nice :)

"Life's a climb. But the view is great!"

Highly recommended too :) I love the songs inside this movie.

Heard those songs long time before. More in love with them after watched the movie :)

P/s: Life is sometimes hard. Obstacles are essential for us before enjoy the sweetness in life.

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