Monday, November 30, 2009

I want my result!

I encountered two NOOB sites today.

The FIRST prize goes to Inti Intionline and Eramis!

This was the first time we encountered such problems. Unable to log in Eramis, how should we check our results? While Intionline we also got blocked! There stated: Login name and passwords INVALID! GRR

Then the SECOND prize goes to PLKN website while I was trying to check the batch distribution for my sister who is chosen to PLKN next year. The server was so slow can die. Sometimes not responding and unable to locate web server :(

I faced the same problem before while checking for JPA results :( Why they never upgrade their server since everytime also traffic jam :( They knew their website is going to explode since so many peoples will surf the web when results released.

Disappointed! When can I get my result? :(


  1. govt dept ma. wait la. clicked your ads balik

  2. yeh....standard 10....minum pagi...hehehe...klik your taylor ad...



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