Friday, November 13, 2009

Mid Valley Outing

Yesterday was the 1st day.

1st day of [2012] movie ON SCREEN!


And those people who waiting for it badly sure watch it on the first minute :)

We are TWO of them :D

Indeed, it was quite nice as what we can see from the trailers.

But ren said, it doesn't meet what he expected.

I think was because we expected too high,

and in a very hard-to-achieve situations :)

Anyway, nice movie.

I actually do hope that it can create awareness in mankind. Please do not enjoy that movie just like a thrill and adventure movie.

Think for it seriously.

Our mother Earth is sick now.

Everyone's attention is needed to protect Earth from further destructions.

We do not talk about the end of the world, but serious disasters are happening everywhere resulted from what we did to the Earth.

Love our Earth :)


  1. Our earth is indeed sick with all the never-ending-pollutions.
    anyway, 2012 is a nice movie to watch ^^

  2. arbaeyah: Thanks for your comment :) I love 2012 movie too :D



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