Sunday, January 11, 2009



Today afternoon went The Store with my mom coz she wanna find the cushion covers.

Firstly I quite impressed by the renovation. They painted the whole building, new autopay parking machine [previously was the old kind which many other shopping complexes do not use that kind anymore], nicer car park and etc.

N because of nature calls, I went toliet also. OMG! The toilet is terrible although it is newly renovated. Water accumulates everywhere, some sort like flooding. Some users used the paip inside the toilet and water can be sprays out from inside! My sandals became wet! It is so disgusting! Yucks =.= I have to walk very slowly and carefully to avoid further disgusting incidents to happen...

Hope that the mall management will take actions as soon as possible to improve on that... =3 I need to wash my sandals! T.T

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