Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Short Update!

Short Update!

hehe =) it has been a very long time since i last updated my blog... hmm... lotsa spiderwebs here XD

well, last friday went back home by inti bus again =) this time with the accompany of melanie coz she also goin to subang to meet her friend =) we chat a lot during the whole journey... met a girl who sat beside me that day... she kept interrupt us when both of us chat... n the most important thing is she not even know wad we are talking about =.='' LOL reach house quite late dat day coz traffic congested... =(

and i did some cny snacks on saturday again =) quite nice and thanks for mum's helping hand wakaka =) night, go out gaigai with family to buy those cny stuffs... mandarin oranges, drinks and so on... i love shopping when cny approaches to feel that dong dong chiang's feeling XD

sunday, went ikea, ikano power centre and the curve =) we din buy many things but witness a quite scary incident... a angmoh small girl fall off @ roll down from the escalator! her parent screamed and shouted during the whole incident... a hero rushed down and got the child as quickly as he can... luckily, the child not badly injured =) i bought a nice nice bangles tat day ^^

Inti Chinese Cultural Society organised lotsa activities during this whole week =) we bought ticket for rm5 to Cultural Night this coming thursday night... N write Chinese calligraphy there... haha i oredi 1 year plus din practice jor =3 not satisfied with what i have wrote... LOL

Lastly, I wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai in advance =D Happy Chinese New Year! Hong Bao Na Lai~ kaka XD

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