Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sem 3 in Inti

Sem 3 in Inti

woots! time flies and it is already my foundation semester 3 in inti... *rub rub eyes*

hmm... this is my first post after i back to inti for few days...

well, i quite satisfied with my new timetable... less packed and looks like there are many free time slots... XD coz i oni got 3 subjects in this semester...

Monday: Chemistry 2pm-4pm
Biology 4pm-6pm

Tuesday: Physics 10am-12pm
Chemistry lab 4pm-6pm

Wednesday: Chemistry 12pm-2pm

Thursday: Physics lab 8-10am
Biology 10-2pm

Friday: Biology lab 8am-10am
Physics 2pm-4pm

One sad news is ms bibi eryka resigned! according to mr loh, someone complaint about her =( my fav lecturer and she is so cute... the most important thing is the way she teach makes me really understand and boosts my love towards biology... =3 really sad but no choice... this is her final decision and wish her lots of luck in her future and undertakings... muackss, ms bibi! our new bio lecturer is ms leong...

N one quite terrible thing is... our chemistry lecturer, ms suhana =.= really speechless... she is a new lecturer and 1st time teach in college... really unexperienced althought she taught stpm or spm students before in a tuition centre in bangsar... =.= we have serious communication problems with her coz she seems like do not understand what we are asking... aiks ><

Physics lecturer is still "very the funny" mr loh XD hmph... he always look for our companion for dinner nowadays... guess wad? his wife and daughter are in kedah now! haha... our physics class will still be very interesting just like our semester 1 with his existence =) her favourite words: projectile motions, free fall... XD

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