Sunday, January 11, 2009

I wish...

I wish...

I wish...

to read happy posts from everyone. [this indicates that all of them are happy most of the time]

But, I often saw sad and moody posts from peoples around me.

I kept thinking...

Why people easily gets moody and emo nowadays?

On the other hand, I realised that...

Not everyone is like that... [because I also found out many happy posts from some other group of friends and even some strangers' posts]

Many of them are happy. [Conclusion, happy people>sad people]

Sometimes, I also get moody. [But most of the time I'm happy. LOL]

But FINALLY, I found out a so called solution.

"If you can't make any changes towards your environment, try adapt to it OR change your mindset positively."

It works!

For example, if you get angry or moody because of some reasons, try think positively. If I angry means I'm punishing myself because of other people's fault. If I angry, I'm actually creating toxins to my body. If someone is very annoying and I'm angry with that person, the one who suffers is only me, myself. Do not remember all sad and blue moments, believe me, there are much more wonderful moments for you to remember. Let all blues and grey go. Nevertheless, do not try to change other person in the first place, what we should do is change our self to a better one. It sounds difficult, but no harm to give it a try.

Be Happy! Cheers =)

*just for reference, I'm not psychologist though* =)

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