Friday, January 16, 2009

Report of the Week

Report of the Week

Since I dint blog for a whole week, lets me make a brief report now [report again? argh! I have 3 reports per week] =X

hmm... firstly, we have buffet steamboat for our Monday dinner at Serdang! Mr Loh brought us [anza, teng ma, melanie, victor, me and kentren] there. I guessed I ate few times the amount I eat for normal meals =.= Really very full... Quite nice coz we can also grill stuffs on the hot plate... I like hams, prawns and hot dog the most! [coz there are much more easier to consume compared to crabs, chicken and fishes =D] They took quite many pics but I haven't get from them =P

Tuesday Chemistry lab made us nearly faint! Ms Suhana doesn't even know what is evaporating dish... She gave us a glass plate [i dunno the exactly name of that apparatus] and told us that was an evaporating dish... So when we applied heat on it, guessed wad? It broke into pieces! Scary =.='' So when the lab assistant wanted us to fill up the breakage form, we passed the form back to her because that incident was not our fault... She seems like worry how she going to give explanation later =.= Well, a good start for Chemistry lab this sem =S

Wednesday we have replacement class for Physics in the morning 8-10am for next Friday coz Mr Loh is rushing back to Kedah for CNY =) So, the good news is I can go back earlier next week =) I will be finish Biology lab at 10am but Inti bus only available at 2.15pm =X

Thursday 1st Physics lab for this semester... The electric field lines thingy took us quite long time to done the sketch... Unable to finish the 2nd part T.T aiks =( Learnt transport system in Biology class today... Ms Leong brought a fake heart to class today =D Although she not as pro as Ms Bibi but at least 100 times better than Chemistry lecturer =X

Today is Friday and I just came back from Biology lab... We did blood test today... This reminds me on one of the experiments in Form 5 which also similar to today's experiment... We need to use the apparatus and install a needle in it to poke our finger... Take the blood and add antiserum to it =) Last time we used a card with some colour on it instead of antiserum and porcelain plate... Later still have Physics class =3

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