Friday, December 12, 2008

Final finally over =)

muahahaha =) final finally over lols

its a great and happy news to share XD

hmm... how was the paper? i think ok lur... wait the result release first! kakaz 24-31 dec =) hope can achieve my aim for this sem! wish me luck lols

sem 2 ends just like that... if compared to sem1, i think sem 1 nicer... maybe that time v still nt very close to each others... nowadays, lotsa problems evolves... quite disappointed but wad can iv do... hope the new sem will be another great starting point for all cfes-ians... hmm... the same quote again: appreciate everything we have now because we do not know when v gonna miss it =) happy is the most essential element in life...

i hav lotsa tasks to be accomplish this holiday XD n many things i hope to do lols

first, i looking forward to next wednesday! our family trip to hatyai, thailand =) with my uncles, aunts and of coz cousinss~ hahaz i guess it will be a great and wonderful trip muahahaha

then i wanna watch lotsa movie stored in my laptop and of coz drama! hahaz

hang out v friends... wahaha sunway lagoon! see u guys soon =)

sleep, eat, play~ n maplestory oso... got a bit of feelings gonna play back! hahaz my bro's fault =P

i wanna do wateva i like and enjoy this sem break to the fullest! wakakaka XD

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