Wednesday, December 17, 2008



yesterday my cousin and aunt came my house... she was seeking help from us about my cousin bro education... same like our situation las year =)

actually i also duno wad to choose after finished my spm... i never exposed to any information about furthering studies in colleges or universities coz i'm the eldest... i even duno hw to differentiate between a-level, form 6, foundation, degree, sam... i just know that my main choice will be utar... coz cheaper... my dad n relatives recommended me there... one of my dad fren's son study there... he even said transportation problem can be slove... haha =D

at the same time, i saw many of my friends applying for various scholarships... in my mind, i just know jpa scholarship and those scholarship from chinese association (hui guan)... then i search some nets n realised that there are so much scholarship that can be apply by spm leavers... hmm... in my opinion, students who like to persue accountancy, business, engineering are easier to get a suitable scholarship provided by NGOs... hmm... biotech really hard... so end up i also just apply for jpa scholarship... called up for interview at putrajaya... that was my 1st time wearing formal attire... XD and the 1st time went for such huge scale interview... really an unforgetable experience... meeting so many pros O.o i still rmb in that interview room, 4 of out 6 chose medicine... i chose biotech and another chinese girl chose law... hmm... after quite a long time waiting for the result to release... i tink most of us wait until 3am ++ dat nite... i failed jor... =3=

at the mean time, i got matrix also... kangar, perlis =.= dat college is so far away... after considered v my family, i rejected the offer... n finally went inti... then here am i! =D inti offered me scholarship during my foundation n degree... er... my first choice was inti subang coz it is much more nearer to my house... about 15 mins can reach... but, inti subang does not hav foundation in science dat time... i duno whether now got onot... so i went inti nilai "unwillingly"... coz its a bit too far and i hav to stay in the hostel... no friends also... no one i familiar with in inti nilai when i first came... quite scary =.= during orientation, i met a friend who is same school v me las time... las time v are just hi-bye friend... n get to know some ppl during that 3 days... luckily i able to get used to it in a short period of time... =) sem 3 is approaching now! by now, i am intian for 8 months... =P

*thx my memory and brain! for letting me to remember all pasts and rewind it back!*

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