Sunday, December 14, 2008

PC Fair

today went somewhere all of us like the most! hahaz esp my bro lols

the pc fair held in kl convention centre... today is the last day... try imagine the crowd! omg... really bumper to bumper XD very packed and sometimes suffocating =.=

but v hav bought lotsa stuffs there! =) so happy hahaz...

laptop skin for my notebook =) rmvb player for movie lovers in my house... hahaz =D external hard disk... the price there is much more cheaper than normal retail price... hmm... dvd-r and mp3 player for my bro... laptop cooler pad for oni rm10! las time i bought the same cooler pad for rm29 =.=''

n v also sign-up for p1 w1max... frus v streamyx =.= 15 days trial... as wad v observed now, it is better... more stable line and less interference... i hate dc! =X

* my dad said we hav big "harvest" today! * ^o^v

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