Wednesday, December 17, 2008


hmm... lets me list down wad i did yesterday...
i watched moonlight resonance =) finished 1 disc... its sooo nice that made me addicted to it... i watched until 1am+ ! hmm... i watched forensic heroes v my mum n sis also... i din follow that drama but i end up watch the last few episodes v them... very nice also...
BUT i did some stupid stuff after watched dat drama =.= my bro laughed at me T-T i was frightened by the crime scene coz the dead person opened her eyes very wide =X n that scene was amplified by zooming in and out =.= quite scary! so, wad happened was... v watched dat drama until midnight... den afterdat i went in my room and change pyjamas... when i wanna go out from my room dat time, i straight away saw my bro stand still in front of my room door! omg =.= i screamed! really mensia-suikan... he laughed non-stop... it was midnite... =.=''

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