Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tortoise family gathering

Tortoise Family Gathering
yesterday was our tortoise family gathering... 6 of us went midvalley by ktm... terng absent coz he still in johor... find one day we go out again la =) there are jie hong, kok thai, wai kit, kaihan, ker wei n me...
we met at klang ktm station at 1pm... depart at bout 1.30pm coz kok thai n wai kit unable to get bus... hmm... ker wei went herself from utar... so paiseh made her wait for us so long XD
first v go makan in burger king... LOL previous gathering v oso makan there coz dat shop less people =P hmm... after makan we went for movie... The day the earth stood still =) overall, not bad... but the ending too fast... some of them yawning when watching that movie lols... Rate: 3.5 stars
hmm... after the movie, present exchange session! v did something very suay =.= but really funny (for me, ker wei n kaihan only)! hahaz but afterdat really paiseh lo... hmm... anyway thx for that gift! =) *my hp got home ler!*
lets continue chatting this coming saturday!
Dear 5s1'2007 mates:
Class Gathering will be held on:
BBK Lucky 10 (open air stalls- Western Corner)
27th Dec 2008
Comfirm with Marcus or Michelle if u havent do so =)

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