Sunday, December 14, 2008


today i woke up quite late... its quite normal for me in holiday to wake up late *hahaz*


erm... the most significant things i did today is: MAPLING! this is the first time i play maplestory after i went inti... why suddenly i hav the "feelings" to resume playing maple? hmm... thanks to my bro and andrew gorgor XD n holiday ntg to do mah... quite bored =3=

i went mp3 map for lvling... coincidently, 2pm-4pm got 2x experiences... so i managed to lvl during that period lols... lvl85-lvl86 took me 8 months! afterthat went new msia map explore v andrew gorgor... died once! argh >< dc fault!

nite, went cousin's house for their birthday party =) they are twins... same age v my youngest sis... same class oso... 5 cousin sis and bro same class LOL i hav another 2 cousins same class v 3 of them oso =) wish them happy 12th birthday!

chat a lot v my cousin brother and aunts there... quite excited and lotsa things to chat =) we will meet again this coming wednesday! hahaz see ya =P

after come bac from there, addicted to another game which i nv play b4... even the similar kind of game i oso din try b4... the game is super dance online... hahaz quite nice try... omg =.= i'm not computer game addict lols

as a conclusion, i'm quite contented today... =)

"nice day guys and gals*

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