Wednesday, December 3, 2008


finally... the B&G people came!

it is such a big project LOL

firstly he moved the mattress and bed out...

then i helped him move everything blocking his way =.=

afterthat he start painting...

then move study table, my small cupboard, air cooler...

after the painting job done... he helped me move in everything again...

AND!!! the most troublesome job just started!!!

i hav to clean up whole room ><

paint dropped on the floor and shoes print everywhere coz he never take off his shoes T-T

i hav to sweep... then mop for the first time... n then the second time!

afterthat wait the floor dry....

move in those things....

argh >< made me very sweat =.=''

done everything in bout 1 hour... =)

my room looks nicer now! but the paint smell.... eww!

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