Thursday, October 30, 2008


My timetable is FULL this week! =)


Deepavali holiday =) initially i gonna follow jaslin's car back to inti at 12.30pm coz i hav no transport dat day... inti bus unavailable... saw boon senior din go back this weekend... n most important my dad was BUSY =.= so i woke up quite early dat day to pack all my stuffs =) while eating my brunch n preparing to go out, suddenly kent called me =D he n his family were shopping at aeon bukit tinggi n ask me if i wanna follow him so that i no need to go back inti so early... n end up i followed him... go out from my hse at bout 4pm and reach inti at 9.30pm XD went so many places in that duration =) thx for the souvenirs, satay n dinner ^^


Celebrated gorgor aka louis birthday at MYbox =) before that, right after class v went secret recipe to book a apple crumble cheese cake n to be collected at 7pm that night... afterthat went ktm station to take ktm to MIDVALLEY XD quite fun but the journey took us bout 1.15hrs... went ToyRUs XD played v the toys there... v are nt childish! jz young in the heart XD watched High School Musical 3: Senior Year there... quite nice and i enjoyed the music and dances =) then before went back by ktm, v bought our dinner at McD =) the ktm back to nilai quite torturing =3= 1st time i took so fully packed sardine ktm... =)

afterdat rush back to secret recipe to pick up the cake and rush again to MYBox =) give gorgor surprise! Happy Belated Birthday again gorgor! 19 yrs old le oh ^^ kakaz most of them enjoyed singing there... hope gorgor like the celebration =)


planned for something highly secret XD went many places in nilai v gorgor, anza n teng ma ^^ afterthat come out v lotsa funny funny ideas! hahaz wads is that? to be reveal in the near future =) hahaz

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