Thursday, October 16, 2008

KO season!

ytd nite i hav selesema medicine sponsored by beeheng aka heng ma =) and i recover! LOL her pill so amazing rite? thanks n xiexie ^^

*the pill really sweet one wor... heng ma din lie XD kakaz but why i unable to sleep soundly whole nite while u said the pill eat jor can sleep soundly de? haha i'm the 异类!

BUT... today i hav gastric T-T sobsob luckily nt too serious... =3= thx melanie for ur Actal =)

today class from 9am-6pm... i pancing ikan during csc class coz it was toooo boring! i tried my best to concentrate but i FAIL... the lecturer even threatened us during the student evaluation's session :"u all evaluate me and i evaluate u" =.= means if v all simply giv grades for her teaching standard... dun forget she is the one mark our test o exam paper =.= she will worry becoz she knew wad most probably v will do... =.=

hav dinner right after the class... rain again when v wanna walk back to hostel... T-T after lepak a while in Times, v decided to walk back in rain... hopefully no one fall sick again ah =.= take care!

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