Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Raining season

its raining again...

stay in room completing my assignments...

kinda boring...

i added something to my assignment =) hope to make it as perfect as i can...

hmm for the test 1... quite satisfy but i wish to get better marks next time =D

biology, maths and csc... not bad... i think so =)

english test 1 mark will be reveal next week as promised by ms abbey...

this weekend i hav to prepare for my moral test... hope i able to revise everything and not fall asleep! hahaz =P

just now v hav dinner in dining hall... not many turned up and only few of us eat... gorgor keeping fit to become needle! hahaz XD kent oso wanna become thinner chopstick LOL

i jz ate burger for my dinner today... ^^

* i wonder what is the best for me? can i make my own choices? *

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