Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Outing =)

kaihan's dinner =) spicy de...
kok thai's dinner =D
me and ker wei alwiz order the same thing XD

kok thai and kaihan =)
ker wei n me =)
ji mui forever! =)
terng =P malay girls' magnet in johor matriculation college XD

junn terng n me =P


Finally =)

v able to hav a tortoise's family gathering at sunway pyramid =P

people attended: me, ker wei, kaihan, junn terng, kok thai

date: 3rd oct 2008

time: 10.30am - 7.30pm


hehe =) first, v went redbox n of coz to sing XD sing non-stop for 3 hours from 11am to 2pm =D quite enjoyable hahaz... and i updated lotsa things with ker wei XD anyway, gratz and wish both of u happy forever! dun forget to bring along him on our next gathering oh ^^ v hav to interview him wakaka...

den went mc donald and sit there for hours... chatting there XD

afterdat, walk around n shop for kok thai's belated birthday present XD quite funny coz v find lotsa weird weird excuses in order to giv him a surprise... like "hey, u pls help us to choose which one nicer? v want opinion from guys... i want to buy for my bf...""now which shirt looks nicer?" finally, v told him the truth n wan him to choose himself a present he like =)

afterdat, walk around w/o any purpose LOL den hav dinner at Ajisen Ramen before go bac =)

hmm... rmb oh! our next outing will be at sunway lagoon wahaha XD


  1. yalo...sing til my throat very pain la...but nw ok d..stil can talk and sing..hehe..i reali feel glad..tis is my first time go to sing K..thanks my tortoise family=)it's good to hav u all...

  2. 5 ppl oni...left jie hong din come..reali hope tat next time v will hav 6 ppl..enjoying at sunway lagoon...hehe...

    haiz..very hard to meet nowadays..everyone's holiday fall on different i reali appreciate every outing ..i noe every1 will do the same ting=)

    and when the time reali come, i noe tortoise family will be the one whom i miss the most..=)

  3. hehe~ i cherished our friendship =) it is nt easy to hav such great friendship in life! tortoise family rox~ hope to meet u all more frequently~



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