Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Short Update!


Ms Bibi returned our bio test paper during her class... hehez quite happy with the marks =)

so 6.30pm as usual, went for dinner at maxim... then suddenly rained heavily! how v gonna walk back to college? so v decided to buy raincoat o umbrella... bee heng went 7-11 and bought us 9 disposable raincoat... BUT, when she returned, the rain renyai-renyai oredi... XD so end up v din't use those raincoat... victor is a raincoat seller! kakaz =D he keep promoting the various uses of raincoat to others... hahaz thx kent for fetching some of us back to hostel...

afterdat went secret recipe v ryan, anza and beeheng to book a cake for yoyo's birthday celebration... finally went back to hostel =) since the next day v hav csc test, v guai guai went Block N to study for CSC... after few minutes, teng ma called us to coz melanie's was nt feeling well... went clinic again... study there... =3= studied till 12am smtg dat nite... really exhausted!


luckily, CSC test wasn't that hard LOL XD 2 hours test... end up most of us left the classroom after 30 minutes! haha XD i finished it in 15 minutes... then another great news is Moral assignment 3 deadline postponed to next friday! haha ^^ kinda relieve after the test and heard that news =)

Happy Belated Birthday to Yoyo again =) the celebration took place in kafeteria... 9 friends there: ryan, anza, beeheng, me, kent, louis, yee teng, victor and fei =) v hav secret recipe's cake and pizza =)

afterdat, went Food Bazaar in residential street... v chat there until 12am =X

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