Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's miracle!

jz now out of my conscious, i suddenly picked up my hp n see (for fun/ without any purpose)... n surprisingly... the hp alerted almost immediately! there is a sms! =)

from the one i expected! XD

i guessed that is miracle =) LOL

sometimes things just come and go... unable to explain why and most of the time there is no reason at all... it seems like all these hav been planned well... it might be different from wad v expect in the first... try to accept it with open-minded... it may be a better one from the one u expected =) life is wonderful...

appreciate everything before it is too late =) love the one u love when u still able to do so... dun postpone anything if can... try think about how if there aren't any tomorrow?

* Last few week i wrote a letter to "Future-Me" on =) that letter will be send to me during my 21st birthday... i wondered will the website really send it to me onot during that day or will i still be here to read that letter =3= wad i wrote inside will be private n confidential XD i kept it as a secret ^^ if i really receive it on 2-2-2011, i will revealed the whole letter! haha =) *

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