Sunday, October 19, 2008


another weekend with lotsa assignments awaiting me to accomplish them one by one...

bio assignment...

english assignment...

moral assignment...

oh ya... bio lab report oso... F3

no rain here compared to inti which rain everyday =X weather here is pretty hot! its sunny day~

ytd i made agar-agar myself =D coz i too boring facing those assg XD
ingredients u need: agar-agar powder, water, sugar, pandan leaves
simple steps:
1. 2.5 liter of water+ pandan leaves+ agar-agar powder- cook n stir until boil
2. add in 500g sugar... stir until everything dissolve
3. add in colouring o flavouring if u like =P (for healthy lifestyle better ignore this part... hahaz)
4. let it cool and put it in refrigerator n serve!

ytd nite, went my uncle's hse... my cousin brother suddenly realised that my bro oredi taller than him... so i also go n compared v him lur... coz laz few week i think, my bro almost the same height v me oredi... he only form 2 dis year =X

deng deng deng deng~~ he taller than me! so now he is the 2nd tallest in my house... muahahaha XD gene's problem LOL

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