Thursday, October 9, 2008


This whole week all cfes-ians were busy preparing for math and bio test...

So monday nite, v hav our before test party in block N! LOL anza, teng ma, me and kent enjoyed lotsa junk foods when studying for our test... hahaz after revision for math den v chat and laughed a lot =) coz math isnt that hard and stressful...

math test is quite easy actually =) den tuesday nite, v study for biology test on the following day >< again =")" expected =")">
08 oct 08, 4pm- Certificate Presentation& Academic Awardwent there v gorgor and eileen =) 3 of us got Merit Award... my next aim: Excellence Award lolz only 2 friends from may intake 2008 get that... still lotsa rooms for me to improve... jiayou bah everyone! thanks mr loh for ur congratulation's sms =) one quite funny thing v did in dat ceremony: after received dat sms from mr loh... den v decided to sms him back and said thanks... den v suddenly pop out an idea... Take our pic and send together to him! hahaz so v start our camwhore session there =.= one even funny thing is... 3 of us take photo together but end up the photo oni me and gorgor appeared! kakaz
den at nite, lab report time =) v finished our lab report quite early... 11pm supper! bee heng aka heng ma, yee teng aka teng ma, anza, kah yuong, kent and me went wong kok... while having our tong shui, they recorded some funny songs... XD coz anza's 浪漫 got stolen! (for more info, ask anyone in our gang =D) whoever wanna hear to dat few songs, refer to anyone above =)

Today biology lab, the experiment is on the use of microscope... v hav tried to magnify on our hairs and skin!! hahaz v did it personally... v showed ms bibi oso hahaz today lab quite fun lur =)
after the boring csc class, v went mybox again for 1 hr =D
- csc assignment
- english assigment
- csc test
- english test
- biology lab report
- moral assignment 3

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