Tuesday, August 18, 2009

disgusting snake AGAIN!


it was raining heavily yesterday evening...

and i was onlining, facebook-ing, gaming and etc happily in my room...

WITH the room door opened very BIG-BIGly...

and about that time, my daddy came back from works...

Mummy saw him talking with the neighbors opposite my house although it was raining outside...

Then he went into the house and told mummy...

"They saw a big four-legged snake sneaked into our house!"


So this frightened my parents and mummy immediately rushed into my bro and my room and told us to check whether the disgusting thingy was in our room or not! If confirmed no, PLEASE shut the door!

I quickly keep my leg on the chair =.= It was very terrified if we don't know where the exact location of that creatures :(

After a minute, we heard mummy shouting!

"The snake in our kitchen! Very big very big!"

"Quickly shut your room door!"

But then, I have no idea how big exactly the snake is since I not dare to have a look =.="

According to mummy, the snake approx the same size when we spread our arms wide and the fatness is about the circle we make using both hands middle fingers and thumbs. Scary huh?

Daddy used wooden stick to chase it away. And actually he very scared that snake also. Hahaha

The snake crawled into the wet kitchen and trying to crawled up the table. OMG. But then, the disgusting fellow didn't success because I guessed that it very gan-jiong also =X

But somewhere more more geli and disgusting happened!

The snake vomitted something out!


Guess what was that....


A dead and incomplete and very smelly RAT!


At first, my dad thought the snake giving birth to small baby snake =.=


Then the combat between human and snake continue...


the snake give up...

and go away...

very sad :(

Because the food aka RAT it ate was sacrificed...

and the snake realised that snake still lose to human :(


The snake crawled to no where =.=

Hopefully don't come back again.

Or else Huei Ying will kill u!

With machine gun!

*if I dare and I have machine gun*

So after the war...

Papa and mama very pity :(

Have to clean up disgusting remains by the ugly snake!

In fact,

I got another interesting disgusting story to share.

Next time lah...

I concern about everyone appetite :)

Have a nice day.

Thank you for reading. =3=

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