Friday, August 14, 2009


Yeepee~ i'm on holiday mode now!

Happy that Finals finally over :)

But a bit worry bout my results =.=

Especially Mathematics and the omg Chemistry! ARGH!

The questions were too hard until I really don't know what to write. Even if I wanna wrote some nonsense there to see if I able to get 1 or 2 marks. I have no idea at all where and what to start and write =( pity pity. 1st time handed in soooooo clean exam answer sheet =.=

Anyway, I went back home right after the last paper :) Papa fetched me up this time. Yeah! This is the 1st time I din join any after final activities.

I still remembered in 1st semester of Foundation, few of us went Sunway Pyramid and sang K until midnight :)

2nd semester I went Midvalley with Ren :) Shopping and movie!

3rd semester after exam, Guess what? We went Genting Highlands! :) nice memories there!

Looking forward tomorrow Fui Wern's farewell Party @ RedBox, The Gardens! :)

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