Saturday, August 15, 2009

HOT! new template!

New template again :)

Actually, I have no planning to change my blog template recently.

Then why huh?

Some code errors occured inside the HTML codes and caused my blog to be redirected to some others peoples blog. Very troublesome and I can't even able to view my own blog. To those who visited my blog in last few days should be able to realise that too :(

So I changed from Blogskins which needed complicated coding to XML version. Unlike, there are not much choices for me to choose from. Too bad.

Hmm... never mind, I will be using this template first at the mean time before I chose or found something that attracts me :)

Err... One great news for all of u is: This template supports COMMENT! :D

So, next time when visiting my blog and reading through my blog posts, don't forget to click and leave comments for me after each post ya :) An useful alternatives besides the tag board at left hand side column :)

Please click the links and help check whether I linked you guys correctly :) Any mistakes, please inform me :) And soleee too~

Any comments about my new template? :)

p/s: oh ya.. the tabs above are just for decorative purpose only and unfunctionable :(

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