Friday, August 21, 2009


Late update!

Since now is our semester break, so we had planned to go somewhere.

So, Petrosains was our final choice!

Since Kent Ren never been there before.

Although this is my third visits to Petrosains :)

1st time with my lovely family during primary school *i think so*

2nd time with classmates during Form 2 :) School planned everything and we went Twin Tower's bridge too :)

Everytime got different feelings with different people.

It was quite fun to walk and explore science inside there since now is school days for children and of course not as pack as last time I went.

Took a number of pics there and I have uploaded them on Facebook :)

After Petrosains, went Rasa Food Court to redeem FREE foods and drinks! We got free coupons with purchase of Petrosains tickets.

Curry Puff and choice of soft drinks or super duper sweet teh tarik...

"Their motive is to make me diabetes!"

Afterthat, went back to Klang Bukit Raja shopping center.

Watched G.I. Joe :)

Nice movie although I don't have much interest on it at first :P

Open up your imaginary and accomplish tonnes of mission impossible in real life :)

Recommendation from me!


Ended our whole day outing with dinner at Lucky 10 :)

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