Monday, August 24, 2009

Kaihan's and Nian Yi's Farewell BBQ Party

Kaihan's and Nian Yi's Farewell BBQ Party

Date: 21st August 2009 (Friday)
Time: 7.30pm to 12am
Venue: My House
Avtivities: BBQ, Chatting, Photo session!

Actually, we planned to have a farewell party of Kaihan and Nian Yilong long time ago. But everyone was too busy and no time for the planning works, the project started 1 week ago, Finally!

Changed plan and discussed quite a few times without meeting face to face. Thanks to the technology, MSN! :)

Final decision was made on Thursday :) Bravo to everyone and the farewell took place smoothly and nicely although not perfectly XD

Credits to my mum who fetched me here and there to get all the materials needed done on Friday afternoon. So sorry I can't drive myself :P

So we all have great time BBQ and chatting :) Some photo session too, that is a MUST!

Okay, let's the pictures speaks!

Woohoo... Looks so delicious! First time BBQ with this method. Suggested by BNN Kai Jun :)

Wanna have some? :P

The hardworking and not-so-hardworking ones :)

Second take with flash light :)

Kaihan and Misali Tan :)

The foods and tasty Cincau drinks by Ker Wei....'s MUM :P

The beautiful handwriting by someone :P

Chic Wing Girl aka Ker Wei, Nian Yi and Ang Ang Ang

Group Photo 1 kachak!

Take 2 kachak!

The very famous 3 Artist and SHE :) 鼎鼎大名的三大画家 XD

Share the jokes lah, Marcus!

Marcus and Ker Wei

Reading the cards we gave :)

Farewell gift from all of us :) Winter Hat

Kaihan and Kai Jun

All the best to Kaihan and Nian Yi in Canada :)


  1. haha...the 3大画家...
    I miss the wu gui draw....must ask jh to bring for us leh >_<...XD XD

  2. yalor :) he must keep it properly forever! so precious and how lucky he is to get our drawing XD



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