Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Result OUT!



Nervous AHH!

Finally, my degree 1st semester result is OUT!

The subjects that I worried the most is Chemistry.

In my finals, I unable to finish up most of the questions in Chemistry paper. T-T First time my paper so empty. I nearly cried out during the exam. No sense of happy after the paper although it was our last paper this semester.

As for Mathematics and Statistics, I just quite sure about 50% of my answer. That is the statistics part. Luckily I got quite high marks for my course works, if not, die.

So overall, I pass all my subjects. Unable to compare with my foundation result, there are differences between them. I think a lot. Sigh.


  1. foundation and degree different edy wat.. harder.. haha.. all the best =)

  2. To kenwooi:

    Thanks! will work harder too :D



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