Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fui Wern's Farewell @ The Gardens

Today afternoon hanged out with buddies @ The Gardens for Fui Wern's farewell party :)

Thank you very much for the drivers of the day: Fui Wern, her boy boy (Andrew), Yang Shiuan and Pei Chi's dad :)

1st of all, we went RedBox :) What a surprise I saw Hui Sin there :D We have no chance to meet each other since we graduate from secondary school. So happy to meet her there! :) Still remembered that, me, Hui Sin and Fui Wern are the 3 Huis in library :) And of course best friends as well :)

All of us had great time in RedBox. Some chatting and some sang K :) Not forgetting camwhore and group pics too :) More pictures please view Facebook's photo album :P

After that, went Codo for some chit chatting and makan session. Michelle, our all time monitor presented FW the presents prepared. Hope she liked it. :)

All the best in New York ya. Take care and we will miss u lots. Our next meeting will be the next time u come back Msia. Stay sweet with your boyboy :)

Let's pictures do the talks~

Notes for FW:

"Although after we graduated, we have much lesser chances to meet each other, but our friendship is always there :) The time when we played and shared together either during class, library duty time, librarians or class trip built up sweetest and nicest memories for us :) Take care and all the best, my best friend! Don't forget to share your experiences with me ya :) and I your handmade gift A LOT!"

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